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Who we are

As a family owned and operated business - we have kept our team compact while maintaining a collective wealth of knowledge from different areas of the fitness industry. We actively network into an array of business partners across Australia and America to ensure we keep abreast of the very latest information and studies happening within the industry.

James - Personal Trainer

Qualified Cert 3 & Cert 4 Personal Trainer

MMA Background

Qualified Cardio Boxing Instructor


Dave Martin Owner and Principal Trainer
Dave's fitness career started when he was just 15 years old and walked into a gym for the 1st time, 35 years later Dave still finds himself training everyday but with a few accomplishments behind him
Competed in IFBB bodybuilding from 1984 through to 1992, winning various competitions along the east coast of Australia during that time including two runner ups in the QLD IFBB Championships and 4th at Nationals. Dave never competed without winning or placing during his 8 years of competition despite never partaking in any banned substances – Substance abuse in this sport is what eventually led Dave into leaving, believing this was no longer something he wanted to be a part of.
Daves tennis career started when he was only 7 winning is 1st tournament. Dave continues playing today at pennant level on the Gold Coast.
Other sporting “addictions” include
Mixed Martial Arts, Table Tennis, Soccer, Aussie Rules, Basket Ball, Indoor Cricket, Indoor Netball, Squash, Rugby League, Power lifting, and Kickboxing, all of which Dave has played or competed competitively at various times.
Professional Background
Have over 12 years experience working in various fitness centres in NSW and QLD
Qualified Personal Trainer Cert iii & Cert iv.

Qualified Wellness Coach
Certified Advanced 1st Aid Certificate.
Registered with "Fitness Australia"
Accredited Mentor

Precision Nutrition Coach

Blue Card
Dave mentores young sports people from different sporting backgrounds including MMA, Tennis, and Bodybuilding successfully helping them to achieve their personal and sporting goals along the way. 


James Martin Personal Trainer

  Anita - Business Administrator

Over 20 years in the fitness industry

Karate Background

Makes sure we are organised and ready everyday


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