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Our business reputation grows on the back of each and every client we help reach and exceed their goals. To succeed we know we have to empower our clients and allow them to own the individual journey that they are on, and to get the most out of us along the way.
SculptU Private Training aims to be the very best at helping our clients to lose weight, get fit, and with sports clients we will help them find that edge in their chosen sport. We aim to be revered within the industry and potential clients when choosing who they want to become tomorrow.



SculptU specialises in 1on1 training - we guarantee that you will be in our private studio with your trainer, on or off-site - focusing on achieving your goals.

We also recommend 2on1 training for great value and an opportunity to train with your partner or friend.

           GROUP FITNESS

Group Training is conducted both on or off-site - Group training numbers range from 5 up to 15 with a circuit style course designed to get the best out of individuals within the group.

For larger groups prior planning is required to allow for venues, numbers, demographics. 



For larger groups prior planning is required for venues, numbers, demographic etc.. Tailored pricing applies.

           MUSCLE TONE


Muscle Toning is a two way street requiring bodyfat% to come down whilst strengthening and building your Muscles at the Core and Globally. Doing both these things will result in overall toning and shaping.

           CORE STRENGTH


Core strength and conditioning is something that we now know is of vital importance to your overall health and wellbeing. The most common ailment we see as a result of a weak core or a core imbalance is the lower back breaks down.

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